How Franchise Brokers Help Franchisors

Posted by FranSave on February 28, 2022

If you read our previous blog post on how brokers can help you meet your goals, you saw the many ways a broker or consultant can assist prospective franchisees. This time, FranSave, wants to look at the relationship between brokers and franchisors, specifically how  franchise brokers help franchisors and two main mutually-beneficial components of the broker/franchisor relationship.

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Relationship Building

A good rapport between franchisors, franchise brokers, and prospective franchisees sets the stage for the successful launch of the franchisee in their new business. A broker must understand the criteria that a franchisor seeks in a prospect.

What should a franchisor expect from their relationship with a broker?

  • Brokers should be able to focus on exactly what the franchisor wants in a franchisee. If it’s a restaurant business, the broker should know how to uncover candidates who best fit that profile.
  • The broker should never waste time. You should expect a franchise consultant to be able to determine the viability of a franchisee quickly. If it’s obvious that a prospect is incapable of running a business, the broker shouldn’t play games and pretend otherwise.
  • Brokers also serve as a good liaison for clear and open communication between franchisor and franchisee. This is perhaps no truer than when a conflict or confusion arises. Seasoned consultants can eliminate many problems or misperceptions preemptively.
  • Above all else, the broker must comprehend your brand and what it takes to be successful in your niche/industry.

Brokers: Good for Well-Structured Franchise Systems

In order to fully leverage a good relationship with your broker, you should bring your A-game as well. One of the most deleterious problems that can hinder the franchise agreement process is a confusing or disorganized franchise system.

More to the point, it’s a huge mistake to believe that the task is done once you settle on a contract.

Sabrina Wall, CEO of the Franchise Brokers Association sums it up well when she comments “It is not just about closing the sale and forgetting about it. Even after franchisees are signed, the broker can become a valuable source of information and communication between the franchisee and franchisor. Brokers are able to advocate on behalf of both the franchisor and the franchisee.”

So, don’t be afraid to pursue continuing support and guidance from your broker. Yes, a franchise broker aptly fulfills the role of “matchmaker,” but that’s far from

their only function. For one thing, if you develop a pattern of success with one prospective match, then you know you have fertile ground with a franchise broker who could help you extend into multi-unit franchising. The future is bright and lucrative as long as all parties remain focused on a common purpose.

FranSave brokers take pride tin the service they provide to franchisors, prospects and franchisees. We also serve small businesses that see franchising as their expansion strategy and work with them to transform from business owner to franchisor. Maybe you want to expand beyond a one-unit business into a full-blown, diversified system. That’s great. We can help you franchise your business and attain those objectives. Call us at any time at 844-476-7776 to learn more.

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