What Happens When You Purchase a Franchised Business?

Posted by FranSave on July 5, 2022

Becoming an entrepreneur has the potential for personal and professional challenge and fulfillment, not to mention the possibility of creating a runway to a comfortable income or generational wealth for your family. 

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Purchasing a franchise can afford you an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurship without all the headaches. The franchisor has learned from missteps and created a time-tested process which they provide in the form of an operations manual. As a franchisee, you are literally buying the roadmap with all the steps and tools organized for you to follow. 

So, what happens when you decide to purchase a franchise and it is awarded to you? Let’s find out. 

Early Days & Onboarding 

After you’ve made the initial investment and purchase, you begin the process that’s known as onboarding. This is a process in which the franchisor will help you find the ideal location for your startup, and help you get the business properly set up and ready to operate. You’ll also receive direct training on how to operate the business on a day-to-day basis. 

Finding the Right People and Following the Footsteps

Before you have your grand opening and kick off your franchise, you’ll need to find the right people to help you accomplish the tasks at hand. Being selective in your hiring practice is key. You need people who will be effective, efficient, and care about the brand. Take your time to search for outstanding individuals. 

While you own the business and will be responsible for its success, it’s important to remember the guidelines and processes set down for you by the franchisor. When you sign your franchise agreement, you are committing to follow these processes, which provide you with a solid and steady foundation upon which you can rely. The franchisor will be available to help guide you, especially in the initial stages, so you start off on the right foot. 

Choosing Your Responsibilities as a Taskmaster

Congratulations, you’ve arrived at a place where many people wish they could be–you are your own boss. Choosing which franchise is right for you was, at least in part, driven by the kind of lifestyle you want to live. Meaning, at the beginning of the process of searching for the right franchise, you decided if you wanted to be an owner/operator or semi-absentee owner with someone managing the business on a day-to-day basis. Whichever model you’ve chosen, you will still need to commit long hours, especially at the get-go, to make sure you have the right team in place, employees are trained and following the model, your marketing is generating leads and you’re tracking key performance indicators regularly. You’re ready for the challenge! 

Your Opportunity Awaits 

At FranSave, we have the keys to the kingdom of successful franchises. If you’re committed to pursuing your dream of entrepreneurship and building your own success, we’re here to help you get started. Visit us at fransave.com/ to begin.

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