Is the Restaurant Industry an Ideal Franchise for You?

Posted by FranSave on September 28, 2022

For many who want to enter the business world, there's a wealth of misinformation regarding where to start and the difficulties contained therein. However, it's much easier than you might realize. For those who are looking to find a way to get in on the ground level, franchising may be one of the best places to start. This leads to another question--which franchise is right for you to pursue? There are hundreds of opportunities available, and among those that are most popular are many with a track record of financial success.

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The Different Types of Food Franchises 

Many of the cafes and restaurants that you encounter whenever you're out and about, may in fact be franchises that are available to explore. They fall into a few categories, including:

Quick Service Restaurants - These locations are known for quick service, low prices, and generally offer convenient options for takeout. 

Fast Casual Restaurants – This style offers the convenience of fast food with the welcoming atmosphere of a sit-down eatery. The dining areas are equipped for a casual dining experience rather than an in-and-out service. 

Full-Service Restaurants - These places generally service customers at their tables and serve higher-priced meals and alcohol. They also sometimes provide live entertainment. 

Financial Facts About the Food Industry 

In a post-pandemic world, the food industry is beginning to reclaim its prominence and there are even signs of an upswing in businesses due to their absence during most of 2020. 

  • Over 58% of franchise employment is in quick service restaurants, with 45% existing in full-service establishments. 
  • The growth rate of the food industry as a whole has not only returned to its former pace, but has actually increased by 2.2% in 2022.
  • Franchise employment rose by almost 9% in 2021 with the creation of 46,000 jobs per month. 

Growing Trends to Be Aware of 

Like many other industries, the food industry is constantly changing, following trends and updating practices. If you decide to pursue a franchise, these are a few items that are hot at the current moment, including:  

  • Smaller-sized locations with more drive-thru and delivery options. 
  • Kiosks and food trucks have begun to rise in popularity. 
  • Ghost Kitchens. Private establishments that have all their meals delivered by third-party couriers. 
  • Menus that are accessible by mobile app only. 

Your Opportunity Awaits 

With the exponential growth and an almost guaranteed profit, the food industry provides many opportunities for those who wish to pursue them. If you're looking to seize one and get on the fast track to success, FranSave has helped many accomplish their dreams, and we can help you too. Visit us online at

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