An Essential Guide to Becoming a Franchise Broker

Posted by FranSave on June 13, 2023

The excitement and opportunity of being your own boss and piloting your destiny is an alluring prospect for many people. As the economy continues to recover after the global pandemic, entrepreneurship is on the rise and this is reflected in the continued growth of franchising, which is expected to exceed pre-pandemic levels. 

Finding the right franchise is a service provided by franchise brokers and there’s a demand for brokers.   But what exactly is a franchise broker? How do you become one? We’re here to sort that out. 

become a franchise broker

What Does a Franchise Broker Do? 

In short, a franchise broker is like a matchmaker. It’s their job to match franchises with potential candidates for ownership. Brokers spend a great amount of time evaluating the skill sets and goals of potential franchisees and gathering information about their investment capabilities. Franchisors rely on brokers to qualify candidates, and potential franchisees rely on brokers to identify several suitable matches. 

Rewarding Pay for Rewarding Work 

The work of a franchise broker is immensely rewarding. You get to work closely with businesses that are looking to expand their brand, contribute to local economies by creating new jobs, and grow their revenue. In the same regard, you work with people who have dreams and ambitions of owning their own businesses. And, what’s more, the pay for this rewarding work can be quite substantial. For each match you make, you’ll receive a commission fee from the franchisor, which varies depending on the brand. 

How to Become a Franchise Broker 

One advantage that draws people to the field of franchise brokerage is that no specific background is required. Like franchising itself, people who are looking for opportunities to be their own boss, set their own hours, and leverage their skills, experience, and networks, come from a variety of backgrounds.  The most successful franchise brokers are self-motivated individuals who are driven to succeed, well-organized, excellent communicators, and enjoy helping others succeed.

 Once they complete initial training, they hone their skills through experience and seminars. 

Your Opportunity Awaits…

If you’ve been considering entering the world of franchise brokering, FranSave is here to offer you world-class training, ongoing mentoring and coaching, and tools to help you succeed. To seize what could be the biggest opportunity of your life, visit us for more information at

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