Business Women’s Day (September 22nd)

Posted by digiadmin on September 21, 2022

Ever since their services were needed to aid in the allied war effort in the 1940s, women have played a substantial role in the workplace. Today, women have more equal footing with men in the workplace and hold positions at the highest management levels, even lead major corporations with determination and an iron will. To acknowledge their strides and accomplishments, we observe Business Women's Day on September 22nd. 

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Business Women's Day: What to Know 

Business Women's day is when we honor the increased and ever-important role women play in the working world. The immense strides that have been made in gender equality are impressive and speak to the progressive tendencies of our modern society. While there's still a considerable amount of work to be done, there's no denying that much has changed since the 1940s. The date of September 22nd is a day to acknowledge those who made history, today’s women who continue to push for equal pay, and the future generations that aspire to continue to aim for greatness.

A History of Business Women's Day 

Business Women's Day might be unknown to some, but it's been around for almost four decades. The holiday was established in 1983 when the US Congress passed a joint resolution. In 1949, decades before the holiday was established, the American Business Women's Association was incorporated, reflecting a time when the American economy was enjoying one of its largest periods of prosperity. “They [women] had gained tremendous business knowledge during World War II, through necessity, and I felt a new organization for all business women was needed,” one of the organization's founders remarked. - Mr. Bufton 

How to Celebrate Business Women's Day 

There are a variety of ways to honor the brave women of the past who had the courage and conviction to break down doors and punch through glass ceilings. Patronizing, endorsing and actively supporting female-owned businesses is one of the easiest and best actions to take. However, there's another way in which women specifically can honor the spirit of this very special day. How? By breaking down your own doors and entering the male-dominated business world of business. There are plenty of resources available to get you started today! 

Your Opportunity Awaits…

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