December is National Write a Business Plan Month

Posted by digiadmin on December 13, 2022

December is a time of year when the holidays are in full swing and the optimism and enthusiasm regarding the new year ahead are at their strongest. With 2023 right around the corner, the time for a new beginning is imminent, and planning for the future means all the difference in how the upcoming year will pan out. December, while usually associated with a variety of holidays, also happens to be National Write a Business Plan month. There are over 500 million business owners across the entire world and setting a plan in motion can help you get a leg up on the competition.

The Importance of Writing a Business Plan 

It’s been remarked that no one “plans to fail but they fail to plan.”  Success and failure have more in common with one another than you might realize. Writing a business plan is an integral part of achieving success. No matter how old or new a business is, the successful ones all establish a road map with specific steps. A business plan not only outlines the strategies you’ll implement but also lists the goals and aspirations you wish to accomplish and the resources that are needed to stay ahead in the game.

Effective Business Plans in History  

Historians believe that one of the first to utilize this plan was the French coal-mining industry during the 19th century. Many of the mining companies in France realized that having a successful year meant occasionally reviewing their operations and outlining specific goals to reach. Business plans became integral during the industrial revolution, as production became more streamlined, a process that is still in practice today. Business planning expanded to government oversight during the 1950s when the United States began to implement the practice when working out the yearly budget. In the decades that followed, corporations and many entrepreneurs began to develop business plans to guide how they focused their resources and set goals to achieve financial success. 

Goals are Dreams with Deadlines 

This month is perfect for drafting a business plan and putting it into action as 2023 begins. You don’t have to write a lengthy manifesto; all you need to do is think very carefully about what you want to accomplish and prioritize the steps that you want to take to ensure success. Whether it’s one sentence or 100 pages, this can be your roadmap to success. 

Your Opportunity Awaits…

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