Do I Need a License to Become a Franchise Broker?

Posted by FranSave on June 15, 2023

Now more than ever, many are looking at the world of franchising as a great way to become their own boss and explore entrepreneurship. Many people have questions about the intricacies and aspects of the franchising world, in particular, what a franchise broker is and what their duties are. Today, we’ll be answering some of these questions to provide you with a better understanding. 

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What is a Franchise Broker? 

In simple terms, a franchise broker is a matchmaker. A broker’s role is to carefully match individuals with franchises where they have the best opportunity to succeed. Brokers assess the skills and experience of the potential candidate, research dozens of franchises, and present a short list that fit the profile of the potential candidate and offers the best opportunities for success. The franchising world isn't just limited to fast-food chains and coffee shops; there are dozens of industries that provide a wealth of different products and services. A broker can help potential franchise owners choose which one will be the best fit. 

How Does Someone Become a Franchise Broker? 

As for the necessity of a license, it’s not a requirement, but it’s recommended that you take steps to obtain one. The reason is simple: having credentials in any of your occupational fields shows others that you’re trained and have the necessary skills to help them succeed. Beyond the training, the most successful franchise brokers are the ones who can easily build rapport with others, enjoy helping people achieve their dreams, have strong organizational skills, are self-motivated, and are committed to their own ongoing development. Call one of our certified franchise advisors today to learn more.


Because a license isn't required to become a franchise broker, many people believe they can simply dive right into the world of franchising. However, if you wish to be successful in assisting others in achieving their dreams of business ownership through franchising, it’s important that you receive the proper training. At FranSave, we offer a comprehensive training program that’s designed to give you the skills you need to get on the fast track toward success. From weekly mentoring calls to a training program that’s continuous and designed to help you stay up to date with the many changes in the franchising industry, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to build your brand and reputation in no time at all. 

Your Opportunity Awaits…

“Carpe Diem,” a popular Latin phrase often used in the context of business, means to “seize the day.” And at FranSave, we believe in helping others seize the day and the perfect opportunity to enter the world of franchise brokerage. If this is an opportunity you want to learn more about, we can help. Visit us at for more information.

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