Franchise Consultants On the Rise During the Pandemic

Posted by FranSave on September 29, 2021

According to Forbes, the utilization of franchise consultants is on the rise during the pandemic.

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One of the most followed business/labor trends this year has been the alleged “I quit” movement, which has involved many Americans quitting their jobs, with some turning to small business opportunities that involve franchising. With so much demand for franchising comes a corresponding need for advice and guidance. Here’s a quick rundown of some facts about the current situation in American business and franchising:

  • US Department of Labor says that 943,000 Americans left their jobs in June 2021 alone.
  • As early as April 2021, there were already 9.3 million job openings that employers could not fill.
  • The International Franchise Association (IFA) predicts 2021 will finish with the opening of 26,000 franchise locations, including roughly 800,000 jobs along with them.
  • Franchising is expected to contribute $477 billion to the US economy this year, but this could be a low estimate as the true potential for franchising remains somewhat of a mystery.

All these data point to one conclusion: Americans want more autonomy in their lives, careers, and prospects. This does not, however, preclude that they aren’t willing to cooperate with other businesses and grow that way. Because of that, franchising is a lucrative opportunity as the statistics above indicate. Also, those 800,000 new jobs may start to become a big reality as portions of the labor force become more eager to work, especially if their unemployment benefits expire.

Why is there a need for consulting? For obvious reasons, the boom in franchise development means that a lot of newcomers have entered the market and need to learn the ropes both in terms of business (professionalism, cash flow management, etc.), but also all the various legalities. Franchise consultants, many of whom are in a second career themselves after leaving corporate jobs, have tons of relevant experience. There are consultants who have brand expertise as well as those who specialize in helping veterans get acclimated to entrepreneurship. Also, the life of a franchise consultant is proof that you CAN survive as an entrepreneur in a new economy and enjoy the benefits of schedule flexibility.

Have you considered becoming a franchise consultant? Or are you in need of one to help navigate a difficult small-business journey? Maybe franchising sounds interesting but you’re not certain which end of the deal is the right role for you. Then FranSave welcomes you to learn and grow with us.

Our franchise brokers work with clients who are interested in finding the perfect franchise. We also work with franchisors to find the best candidates to run their franchises. When clients successfully become franchisees, the broker or consultant earns a finder’s fee for matching them with a franchise. That fee can range between $15,000 to $50,000 per transaction. If consulting and brokering sound exciting to you, you’re the right fit for the job, FranSave invites you to check out our Franchise Broker opportunity. With training by industry leaders, like Daniel Brunell (author of the Franchise Broker’s Handbook), you’ll get the chance to become a mentor and life changer for so many people who want to be small business owners.

FranSave is prepared to help the next generation of franchisees reach their dreams the way so many are already doing. Whether you are ready to become a franchise consultant yourself or seek the assistance of one of our trained professionals, we’re ready to help.

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