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Posted by FranSave on June 15, 2023

For many people who wish to enter the business world, franchising provides an excellent gateway. With a chance to replicate the success of an established brand, it’s a much safer alternative than trying to start from the ground up. Among the necessary items to consider when choosing which franchise might work best for you is how much capital you need to start out. A lack of financing can hinder your search even if you have your heart set on a particular business type or a household name brand. However, this doesn't mean you’re disqualified from buying a franchise. As a matter of fact, some options are available to you that are well under an initial investment of $200,000. 

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Plumbing is an essential service that homeowners will always be in need of. During the global pandemic, many industries related to home care and improvement continued to thrive, despite many other businesses having to close down for extended periods of time. Plumbing franchises are busy all year and some may require an investment of less than $50,000 to get started depending on the brand and business mode. 

Student Learning Centers 

The pressures of success in the academic world can be just as rigorous as the business one. As long as there have been extensive curriculums in the education world, students have always needed tutoring. A student learning center is a great investment option, particularly if you live in an area with many schools and universities. 

Vacation Planning 

With restrictions now lifted following the pandemic and travel making a huge comeback, vacation planning is a rapidly growing industry that’s relatively inexpensive to invest in. Some can be up and running within eight months' time, and depending on the experience of the staff you hire, you can see profits generated rather quickly, especially if you leverage the franchisors’ marketing tools to reach the right clientele. 

Pet Care 

Pet care facilities and services was another industry that managed to stay open and thrive during the pandemic. With many people unable to care for their fur babies during the day due to work schedules and not having time for walking, grooming and pampering, pet care facilities are seeing a rise in demand, especially in suburban, middle-class demographics. These are relatively inexpensive to invest in and operate on a day-to-day basis, depending on the brand and model – mobile versus brick and mortar.  

Your Opportunity Awaits…

If you’ve always wanted to enter the world of franchising but feel that a lack of capital is holding you back, we’re here to help. At FranSave, we specialize in identifying affordable opportunities for potential franchisees. For more information about seizing your own opportunity, visit us at

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