How Much Profit Can A Successful Franchise Owner Make? 

Posted by FranSave on July 24, 2023

For many people who have an interest in entering the business world, franchising presents one way to do so. The popularity of franchising has risen in recent years due to many wishing to become their own boss and gain financial independence. For many who have questions about becoming a franchise owner, the aspect of how much money can be made is at the top of many lists. Today, we’ll be closely examining this aspect in particular. 

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How Does a Franchise Owner Get Paid? 

Because you’re the franchisee or owner of your specific franchise location, your salary comes from your franchise's net profits. However, running any business requires a significant amount of capital. Net profits are needed to take care of items such as supplies, payroll, rent, marketing, and other various expenses. To maximize your profit margins, it’s recommended that you carefully review several franchise opportunities and especially studies Item 19 of their FDDs (Financial Disclosure Document) to determine which deals may deliver the greatest ROI (Return on Investment).

Recouping a Return 

A well-known expression in business is “You have to spend money to make money.” And when it comes to the world of franchising, this is certainly the case. Before any franchise can begin operation, a significant amount of money is required. You can expect to pay a franchising fee, which can vary drastically depending on what business you decide to invest in. These can range anywhere from $25,000 to six figures. This fee covers the necessary training to operate the business, which will establish a blueprint for daily operations. It may take from zero to several months to achieve a return on your investment.  The success and profits that you have the potential to generate will determine the size of your return. 

Ongoing Fees and Payments 

Aside from the normal costs necessary to keep your business open, there are other fees that you might have to pay the franchisor regularly. Because you’re using someone else’s intellectual property with their consent, there’s an excellent probability that you’ll have to pay royalty fees. Many franchisors require a 6 percent royalty fee each month. This fee will also come from the net profits your location generates and will likely be automatically paid to the franchisor through the accounting systems so it will be one of the first expenses you take care of. 

Choosing an Ideal Salary 

At the beginning of your career as a franchisee, choosing what salary you’ll be paying yourself might require careful consideration. You don't want to underpay yourself to the point where you can’t live comfortably, but you don't want to overpay yourself to the point where you can’t cover the basic costs of business ownership. The business world has a great deal of ebb and flow, and having consistent profit is how you succeed. Understanding your income requirement and how long it takes to break even are key steps along the way to finding the franchise that is best for you.  

Your Opportunity Awaits…

How much money you can make by franchising is just one of the many questions people have when considering entering the business world. At FranSave, we specialize in helping others seize the perfect opportunity to become financially independent. For information on how we can help you, pay us a visit at

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