Is Buying a Franchise Like Buying a Job?

Posted by FranSave on June 6, 2022

In the past when you started a new career, you usually kept that job until you retired. In modern times there've been multiple factors that no longer make this a reality. Jobs unfortunately don't always come with the stability that they once had. For this reason, we've seen a rise in entrepreneurship and franchising. Let's take a look at how buying a franchise differs from buying a job.

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You’re In Control 

A major difference between a franchise and a regular job is the flexibility you'll have. When you buy a franchise you're in complete control of your schedule and pay. You'll no longer need to rely on sick pay or vacation days. If you want to take a vacation or just spend more time with family, you now have that option. At a standard job, your pay will likely be capped once it reaches a certain amount. With self-employment, you're also in control of your paycheck. There are no limits to what you can do when buying a franchise. 

Selling Options

When you buy a franchise you automatically get the option of selling it for profit in the future. With all the hard work you put into a regular 9-5 job, there's no selling for a payout in the end. When you own a business you're constantly building toward value.

People will grow an interest in your business that you can choose to sell for profit whenever the time is right. Your time, dedication, and effort always pay off in the end with a franchise.  

More Support

At a job, you may not always receive the support or praise that you need to succeed. When you're the owner of a franchise you'll have a whole team in your corner. This team's job is to provide you with resources to make sure you're successful. When owning your own business you'll never have the feeling of being alone again. You'll always have support when learning to grow your business.

 Family Franchise 

After you retire there’s no option to pass down a job to a family member to ensure security for them. When you’re ready to step away from the franchise you’ve grown you can always pass it down to a next of kin. This creates a sense of security for the whole family. You’re in control of who takes over all of the hard work you put into your business. 

If you're ready to be in control and start investing in your happiness, FranSave is here to help. Visit us at 640 Freedom Business Center Dr. King of Prussia, PA 19406, or contact our team to get started today at 844-476-7776. Your opportunity awaits with FranSave!

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