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Posted by FranSave on March 21, 2022

This is such an important franchising topic that we could probably justify three or four posts on it. Marketing your business online is fundamental to success in 2022.

Today, most franchisors provide their franchisees with a wide variety of marketing tools and branding guidelines along with required training to understand how to leverage them. Franchisees are typically required to use these resources and not create materials and messages on their own in order to protect the integrity of the brand. Besides, the franchisor has invested the time and developed the expertise to know what works to generate leads and maintain visibility in the market. Clear expectations for marketing and branding are often spelled out in the franchise agreement, which is signed by the franchisor and the new franchisee.

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We feel it’s worthwhile to touch on a few of the resources and tools that the franchisor will likely provide so you continue to develop an understanding of how critical they can be to your success as a new franchisee.

Best Way to Market Your Franchise Business Online

Social Media Utilization is Mission Critical

It’s not enough to have a web domain now. Even the best online entrepreneurs have a website along with the most popular social media. It’s rather simple actually. Not everybody is going to find your business through a search engine. They may only find you through advertising on social media (see the next point), and that means you’ll want to drive the traffic from social media over to your business website somehow. Fortunately, you never need to do this alone in a franchise framework. Franchisees regularly pay fees to their franchisors for this purpose. Franchisors provide them with ongoing web support for social media and other forms of marketing and advertising.

Use Google Ads for Great Traffic Results

We recommend three ways of doing online ads: 1) Google Ads, 2) Paid/Boosted Posts, and 3) Paid ads for your franchise location.

We know Google and Facebook are the big players in online ads but don’t leave out Instagram, TikTok, or even Pinterest. Also, LinkedIn is a really useful place to run paid posts, especially if you know how to leverage experts and influencers.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

You’ve probably noticed that the best businesses you follow always try to get people on their email lists. That’s because it works like a charm for advertising.

Caveat: Make sure whenever you send emails that your readers know how often they should expect to receive messages from you. Anti-spamming legislation exists as well, which means there are rules and parameters for this activity.

Create Media of Yourself Using Your Brand

Some of the best online advertising comes from creative video work like this automotive general manager who has amassed tons of fans (and customers) making TikTok videos featuring himself. If nothing else, this shows the power of engaging people through video whenever possible. Again, this is subject to the guidelines and agreements with the franchisor.

Digital Radio Ads Work Great Too

It doesn't always need to be video though. Radio isn’t dead. It’s just digital now! Check to see if your franchisor produces their own podcast or has guidelines about you doing one yourself. Satellite radio and market-relevant podcasts have become essential tools for advertising.

These are a handful of general suggestions to get the juices flowing for how you want to approach your online marketing strategy. Always remember that creativity and means testing are important keys to success with this. Finally, we remind franchisees that they have many of these resources at their disposal because of the fees they contribute to their franchisors. This also means there are guidelines and rules for how to use social media and advertising within the respective franchise brand.

FranSave hopes we have given you an idea of some of the online marketing components you may have access to through your franchisor. If you want to learn more about franchising, then contact us at any time by calling 844-476-7776.


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