National Franchise Appreciation Day

Posted by digiadmin on August 25, 2021

Did you know that August 28th is National Franchise Appreciation Day?

Well, it might not be Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it is a nice opportunity for businesses to pool together cooperatively. The concept behind National Franchise Appreciation Day is for small businesses to work together and serve one another. It could be like retail companies working together to get a good deal on equipment from a supplier or food companies getting cheaper shipping from buying so much volume from a single distributor.

how to become a franchise consultant

In other words, small businesses, those not in direct competition with one another need not be enemies but may discover opportunities to overcome common business bottlenecks.

Cooperative Advertising is another way to celebrate National Franchise Appreciation Day. All your business needs to do is advertise the goods, services, and wares of another company (and vice versa) and you would be participating. Examples of ways you can share advertising would be through digital ads, direct mail campaigns, trade shows, and more. Notice how that would be so much cheaper than paying an external firm to advertise for you. With cooperative advertising, you would be sharing the costs for locally placed advertising between each other.

You could also mark the day by running promotions like discounts or giveaways to generate new customers. Of course, this could also include cross-branding where you would exchange promotions with other small businesses.

If you started wondering “What do I need to do to become a franchise owner?”, keep on reading.

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There are several critical differences between “doing it all by yourself” versus working through FranSave to get your franchise running.

  • Getting Started: With us, you create a profile and answer questions with a recruiter. On your own, you must do your own research and call franchisors directly.
  • Research Time Commitment: With FranSave you could spend less than an hour searching for a franchise because we do the heavy lifting for you based on our conversation with you. . Going it alone can easily take 6-12 weeks of research, the time you could actually have your business up and running.
  • How Many Franchises: We can target your search down to 100 or so OR you could spend untold hours pouring through over 3,000 companies willing to franchise.

Need more information to aid in your franchise discernment? We have plenty of materials on our website that can guide you toward what kind of franchise owner you could become. We show you how to do due diligence, explain the 5 characteristics of successful franchise owners, and coach you on how to read an FDD.

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