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Posted by FranSave on March 15, 2022

FranSave invites you to consider a lucrative career as a franchise broker. There has never been a better time to do so because so many American entrepreneurs, from many diverse backgrounds, want to explore becoming franchise business owners. One of FranSave’s most important objectives is to help aspiring franchisees find the best match with a  franchisor, but that depends on the hard work of dedicated franchise brokers.

become a franchise broker

FranSave’s Franchise Broker Opportunity

We offer one of the best franchise brokerage opportunities with several excellent training and development perks and benefits. In our program, you get the chance to . . .

  • Learn from some of the most experienced franchise experts through our world-class, two-day seminar, regular and ongoing mentorship, and have access to the latest in CRM and Salesforce technology.
  • We offer the industry’s lowest commission rates: 4.9% to 1.9%.
  • We show you how to achieve the fastest and most consistent closing rates.
  • . . . all for the lowest and most affordable fee ranging from only $6,550 to $11,450.

What Do Franchise Brokers Bring to the Table?

You’re probably wondering, “What exactly does a broker do for their clients? How do they bring value to a potential franchisee’s search for the perfect partnership?”

Brokers Know the Lay of the Land in a Number of Industries

You’ll possess insider knowledge on the hottest markets at any given time. That gives you the important responsibility of conveying this wisdom to potential business owners who are searching for the right franchise business but don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of time doing it alone and often don’t know the right questions to ask themselves.

Help Clients Avoid Overly-Expensive Start-Up Costs

Aside from the fact that finding a good franchise opportunity by oneself takes a while, it could be very expensive to choose the wrong franchisor. Some restaurant businesses require startup fees in excess of $500,000, which may not work well for many potential candidates. Don’t forget that the franchisor is the broker’s client and it’s the broker’s job to present the franchisor with candidates that will be a strong fit with  their system. It’s up to the franchisor to close the deal with the candidate.

Risk Management

Some franchise opportunities are riskier than others, but your clients won’t know that because they aren’t privy to the same information. Brokers point prospective franchisees to the best information including reports that document success and failure rates for various business brands.

There’s much more to cover in detail if you elect to join our broker network and take part in our franchise- broker training program. At FranSave, we train and develop great brokers and consultants, help match potential franchisees with franchisors, and also help small businesses that are considering franchising as their optimum strategy for expansion. Call us to discover more about our services and franchise broker opportunities at 844-476-7776.


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