Owning a Franchise is More Satisfying for Women than Men

Posted by FranSave on October 14, 2022

It wasn't too long ago when we experienced the harshness and dread of a global pandemic. Almost overnight, everything appeared to change as we were tossed into a world of complete uncertainty. As a result, many took the time to reflect on their life choices and where they were heading. Studies show that many women took it upon themselves to enter the business world via franchising. This same study determined that 32% of all franchises operating in the United States are owned by Women. Of these, 88% said they thoroughly enjoyed what they were doing, and 75% said they would recommend franchise ownership to others. 

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The flexibility that comes with franchising is well-known to those who work within the industry. Many women who have recently entered the franchising world have attested to this and say that they favor flexible hours, the freedom to make their own schedule, and the ability to work outside a traditional business model. 

The Advantages of a Built-In Support System 

Women who entered the franchising world post-pandemic found that there was a solid foundation to rely upon in the form of a support system. They were able to develop at a much quicker rate, thanks to the training, tools, and support that was provided by the franchisor and other franchisees. The competitive nature is virtually nonexistent, and many have claimed they were willing to help one another because of solidarity. 

Achieving Lasting Financial Success While Pursuing Passion 

As more women became involved in the franchising industry, many attested to the level of success they were achieving, almost as if it came naturally to them. Kelly Young, who began her franchise in the Las Vegas area four years ago, has reported an increase in sales by upwards of 330%. She attested that the hard work resulted in very rapid growth, to which she declared, "work hard and make it happen." The results from Kelly and many of the other women who have entered the world of franchising certainly speak for themselves. 

Your Opportunity Awaits…

The success of the women who have made the franchising world their home in the time since the pandemic occurred has demonstrated the willingness to seize the opportunities when they present themselves. At FranSave, we're experts in opportunity. We believe that anyone and everyone has the capability to succeed; it's just a matter of opening the door when it comes knocking. To see how we can help you, visit us at fransave.com.

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