Reasons to Invest in A Cleaning Franchise Today

Posted by FranSave on November 8, 2021

If you’re looking to buy a franchise be sure to read up and check out facts and data about different industries so you can make an informed decision. Among other details, learn which industries are growing and why, what’s their growth rate, is it sustainable, what are the revenue streams?

cleaning franchise

One of the franchise opportunities that’s catching on fast is cleaning businesses. These have become quite lucrative lately. It’s a broad industry that includes maid services, home cleaning, window cleaning, exterior cleaning, floor cleaning, and more. Let’s look at some of the reasons to invest in a cleaning franchise today by examining some relevant data.

  • The startup costs for cleaning services are diverse, which enables the business to be accessible by both wealthy and beginner entrepreneurs. The range of initial investment for cleaning franchises is from $10,595 to $409,300. The median is about $90,000 though. [add source link]
  • Startup costs for cleaning service franchises are FAR lower than in the restaurant business, where one can often expect to spend nearly half a million dollars or more upfront.
  • The biggest external drivers for growth in the cleaning business are the number of households earning more than $100,000 per year, households with disposable income, households with adults over age 65, and an overall rate of lower unemployment.
  • The turnover rate for cleaning employees is ONLY 2% annually.

What are some benefits to franchising a cleaning business?

  1. Every Household Needs Cleaning. Every house is a potential customer in this business. It’s a matter of whether they can afford to hire someone else to do it for them.
  2. The Business is Non-cyclical. Cleaning must be done regularly, so there is definitely no “off-season” here, especially for commercial cleaners.
  3. Low Up-Front Costs. As we mentioned above, this is not as big of an investment as a restaurant, and you don’t need to hire anywhere near as large of staff to get started.
  4. Recurring Revenue. Since it's non-cyclical, your revenue should be consistent. All you need to focus on is delivering steady, reliable, high-quality service.
  5. Hours Can Range. Depending on the mix of your customer base, i.e. consumers and commercial, you can have daytime or nighttime hours, making it a great fit as a second career that can work around time with your family.
  6. Great Cash Flow. Unlike some other self-employment ventures, this business typically involves payment as soon as you complete the work.
  7. Easy to Train. There is hard work involved but it’s the kind of work any dedicated person can learn to do.
  8. Owning and Growing the Business. Your goal is not to do this solo as a nomad cleaner. The objective is to own a community-based business that provides jobs for a team of reliable, hard-working folks who do the cleaning. In addition to tapping into all the marketing resources of the franchisor to expand your business, your satisfied customers can lead you to referrals.

We hope you enjoyed this brief snapshot of the opportunities in the franchise cleaning industry. If you would like our help identifying and matching you with the ideal cleaning business franchise, please do not hesitate to contact us at 844-476-7776 or email us at There are thousands of franchise opportunities to consider. If a different industry piques your interest, we can help match you to the business of your dreams.

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