Small Business Development Centers Day is March 15th

Posted by FranSave on February 27, 2023

The month of March is commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day and parades. However, we’re not here to discuss the day when everyone wears green to avoid being pinched. Instead, we’re here to recognize another holiday that occurs in the month of March that might not be as widely known but is certainly of equal importance. On March 15th, we observe Small Business Development Centers Day. This is when we take a moment to recognize the dedication, self-sacrifice, and ambition of small business owners who opted to take the road less traveled and strike out on their own. 

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A Brief History 

U.S. President Jimmy Carter established the Small Business Development Centers Network in 1980. The purpose of the legislation was to support the development and success of small businesses. The resources involved with the program included the government, higher education, and many parties from the private sector. The holiday was observed for the first time in 2017 as a proclamation to support the ongoing development of smaller-sized independent businesses. 

These Centers continue to provide resources, training, and information for many people who are curious about entering the business world. As a testament to how productive the organization has been in recent years with its developmental techniques, there have been over 16,000 small businesses established and over 99,000 jobs created since 2017 alone. More than 5 billion dollars in funds have been used to help entrepreneurs get their start toward realizing their dreams of business ownership. 

How to Celebrate 

While there are no gift exchanges or greeting cards that need to be purchased for this holiday, there are many other ways in which you can show your appreciation for people in your community who took a chance on the road less traveled. Spend the day patronizing some of the local businesses that are independently owned near you. Not only does this help them keep their doors open, but it also stimulates the local economy, which can help pave the way for more people to follow suit. And maybe, just maybe, you will be one of the next people to seize their own small business opportunity. 

Your Opportunity Awaits…

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