The Importance of Properly Training Your Franchisees

Posted by FranSave on February 23, 2023

If you’re a successful business owner, there’s a good chance that you’ve considered replicating your good fortune through franchising. It’s an excellent way to grow your brand recognition, and increase revenue, while another party pays most of the expenses to set up shop. The secret, of course, is finding a group of outstanding individuals who will represent your brand and help grow your business and reach customers in a different town, region, or market. There’s a wonderful opportunity for you and your franchisees, but you can’t replicate your previous success without implementing an effective training program for them. 

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Basic Strategies 

The business world is very non-linear, and there is no one-size-fits-all that will work for every business. How you achieve success might not be the same as other businesses, which is why training your franchisees is so important. The focus of training is on the documented procedures and processes for successfully running the business. The goal is that every franchise operates the same way. When you first began your business, you quickly noticed what worked and what didn’t. At times it was probably a difficult road of trial and error, maybe even failure. But from those experiences, you developed the best way to operate your business. That’s the beauty of franchising. Someone else has worked out the hiccups and knows what works best. Training is where franchisees first learn how to replicate their success. 

Online & In-Person 

You don’t need to be an award-winning author to formulate a guide or manual which outlines the processes and procedures that you expect all of your franchisees to follow.  

Virtual or Online Training - An online course is a great way to train your team without being physically present. You can even show examples of how procedures work so they have a visual aid to follow. Videos can also be accessed and replayed at any time, just in case your new franchisees need clarification on what you do and need a refresher course. Online training might be enhanced with virtual training where you have an opportunity to interact with the trainer and other new franchisees. 

In-Person - This can be just as effective, and sometimes more so if you decide to train your franchisees in person. Not only will they have a visual aid and on-the-job training, but you’ll also be present to answer any and all questions regarding expectations. The hands-on approach also means that you have an opportunity to lead by example and make sure that your team is ready to replicate the success that you’ve previously accomplished. 

Make sure your training is developed through the eyes of the franchisee who may know nothing about your business. The goal is to set them up for success and to reach breakeven as quickly as possible.  Remember, the difference between “good training” and “great training” could translate to how much royalty goes to you, the franchisor, each month.  

Your Opportunity Awaits…

Fortune favors the brave. And, if you feel it’s time to franchise your business and replicate success…your opportunity is now. At FranSave, we provide opportunities, so pay us a visit and see what we can do for you. For more information, find us at

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