Training Your Franchise Employees

Posted by digiadmin on March 2, 2022

Training your franchise employees is one of the most important responsibilities of any franchise business owner. Did you know that companies that invest in training generate 24% more profits? This usually starts with the franchisor’s comprehensive training program, which may be on-site and virtual, for the new franchisee, and generally extends to training programs and modules for all key roles within a franchise business. While the specific intricacies of training depend on your business type, FranSave has identified a few common strategies applicable to almost all franchise training systems.

Tips & Strategies for Training Your Franchise Employees

Always Promote a Culture of Learning

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This is a broad goal, but it’s important. You as a franchise leader must ensure that your organization is full of team members committed to continuous improvement and learning.

Employee Training Works Best on an Individual Level

Group seminars are great but we can’t forget how crucial it is to train everybody on an individual level. Usually, this starts with good employee onboarding and continues with job training specific to their position in your company.

Develop Legitimate and Specific Skills

Now we segue directly into what we mean by position-specific training. Let’s face it, this needs to be thorough. If you’re training somebody to be a front-door receptionist, you probably won’t be able to combine that person’s training with that of your webmaster. Also, if it’s a position within your company you can’t train yourself, be ready to obtain the services of an appropriate expert for help.

Don’t forget that if you’re a franchisee for a big company, your franchisor has a specific way for you to do almost all your training and should provide the resources.

Measure Your Training Results

FranSave is a big proponent of quantitative analysis to objectively determine ROI and other important metrics with precision. This is particularly true of training. You need to develop post-training metrics to determine how effective training is and where adjustments can be made if needed. Examples include tracking sales numbers, turnover reduction, and even feedback from employee surveys.

This is just a starting place for good training, which can be as in-depth as you choose to make it. Nevertheless, the evidence is clear that training your franchise employees pays serious dividends for your business.

FranSave is committed to high quality onboarding and training new franchise brokers as well as helping franchisors and franchisees find great business partners. If you’d like to learn more about this topic or anything else related to franchising, call us at any time at 844-476-7776.


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