Veterans Become Successful Franchise Business Owners

Posted by digiadmin on November 10, 2021

Lately, we’ve covered topics related to various franchise opportunities and highlighted themes like the continuing growth of women business leaders in franchising and the rise of franchise consultants during the pandemic. In honor of Veterans Day,  we’d like to thank our servicemen and women and draw your attention to facts about veterans and why their skills and experiences are transferable in the franchise world.

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For starters, here are some facts from Centsai regarding former military members and business ownership.

  • Veterans comprise 7% of the population and veteran-owned businesses make up 1% of all firms in the U.S.
  • Of the 200,000 service members who transition to civilian life each year, roughly 20% of them seek to start a business.
  • There is a non-profit, Bunker Labs, dedicated to helping veterans get started in the business. They have over 40 chapters throughout the country and hold several virtual events to encourage veterans. They also host a lot of networking events.
  • Which industries are most common for veterans? 17% start businesses in professional, scientific, and technical services. 16% open construction companies. 9% go into real estate. 7% own businesses in transportation and warehousing.

US Veterans Magazine reported some very good reasons why veterans are a natural fit as franchise business owners.

  • They’re Used To Working As A Team
    • Everything about the military revolves around teamwork. It’s required on so many levels and it goes without saying that franchise opportunities are no different. Many franchise owners go into business with a partner and they depend on the training,  mentorship, and processes from the parent company.
  • They Know How To Create & Execute Plans
    • Veterans had to spend a lot of their time in the service constructing creative ways to get the job done. Entrepreneurship requires exactly the same mentality. Franchising requires the best of both virtues: teamwork and individual ingenuity.
  • They Thrive Under Pressure
    • Service members are trained how to remain calm under pressure and that experience makes veterans uniquely qualified to navigate the hectic and sometimes unpredictable aspects of running a business.
  • They Work Hard To Accomplish Goals
    • Sometimes a poor work ethic can shut down the entrepreneurial endeavor. Veterans might have an advantage because setting goals and working hard to achieve them is a hallmark of a military career

Are YOU a veteran searching for an opportunity to get started in business? We are proud to have veterans in our own franchise broker network.  Any of our FranSave brokers would be honored to work with you and help get your dream off the ground. We have a track record of success in matching candidates and franchise opportunities. We can help you narrow the field and find business opportunities that are a great fit for your exceptional skills, experiences, perspectives, and life goals. Many franchises offer discounts and waivers for veterans and we know just where to find those opportunities. If you want to learn more about how we can help you start a franchise, let’s start a conversation. Call us at 844-476-7776 or email

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