What is a Franchise Consultant

Posted by FranSave on May 16, 2022

Did you know that according to data, there are approximately 750,000 franchises in the United States alone as of 2022? According to estimates, franchising provides employment for nearly 8 million people and is crucial to the economy. 

how to become a franchise consultant

If owning your own business is a dream and you are not sure where to begin, consider franchising. You can start today by contacting a franchise consultant at FranSave and save lots of time and money in finding the right franchise opportunity for you. If you’re not sure what a franchise consultant is or how they can help, you have come to the right blog. We will explain what a franchise consultant is and how they help entrepreneur-minded people like yourself. 

What Is a Franchise Consultant?

Before you can make your franchise dreams a reality, you need to consider speaking with a franchise consultant. Also called franchise advisors or franchise brokers, they are trained specialists who will guide you through a thought process and structured investigation. Franchise consultants are matchmakers; they present you with franchise options that meet your criteria for the investment and net worth needed lifestyle options (e.g., owner/operator, semi-absentee, absentee investor), and much more. 

Your franchise consultant should provide you with a wealth of information about the franchise industry, care about delivering excellent service to you, and be a sounding board for your questions and concerns. 

One of the most important points: there is no cost to you to work with a FranSave franchise consultant.

What To Expect When Working with A Franchise Consultant? 

Now that you understand the role of a franchise consultant, let’s talk more specifically about what a franchise consultant can do for you. First, a franchise consultant, especially one from FranSave, will ask you a series of questions to get to know you and determine if owning a franchise is in your best interests. 

This conversation will dive into your background, interests, motivations, and desired lifestyle. To find out this information, they will use multiple tools, including questionnaires, to ensure they have a good grasp of what you're looking for in a business. The most important skill a franchise consultant brings to the table is their ability to be an active listener. 

A consultant will apply your information with their expertise to present several franchise opportunities that will meet your goals. When presenting you with franchise opportunities, a franchise consultant should always consider what’s best for the candidate. 

Once you have found a franchise or two you are interested in, your consultant will personally connect you with the franchisors’ development teams who will reach out and walk you through more specific information about the opportunity, including sending you their Financial Disclosure Document (FDD). 

Even though you are collaborating directly with the franchisor during these Discovery steps, your broker is always available to help you with anything you need up to and through the signing of a franchise agreement. After you have successfully bought the franchise that meets your dreams, a franchise consultant will stay connected to check on your progress and experience with the brand. They will also ask you for a referral of a friend, family member, or colleague who may have an interest in owning their own business. If you have had a wonderful experience with your broker, consider connecting them with a lead. 

Your Opportunity Awaits

At FranSave, your opportunity awaits. As a candidate, you will have several opportunities to consider, including up-and-coming brands that you may never have heard of that, are on track for stellar growth. 

Unlike our competitors, all we need is 30 minutes of your time to help begin your journey towards finding the perfect franchise for you. If you’re ready to speak to one of our franchise consultants, call us at 844-476-7776.

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