What to Know About Franchising a Hispanic-Owned Business

Posted by digiadmin on September 20, 2022

With September 15th marking the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month, it's the ideal time to invest in a Hispanic-owned franchise. If you're an entrepreneur at heart and of Hispanic origin, consider celebrating your heritage by entering the business world. Here are a few things to know...

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Strength in Numbers

Franchises are essentially small businesses. Having a labor pool to select the best and most qualified candidates can allow you to get on the fast track to success. The United States has a Hispanic population of over 59 million. Not only is this a labor pool with almost limitless possibilities, but it's also a great way to reinforce and support the community.

Growth & Sustainability 

Hispanic-owned businesses have grown by leaps and bounds. In a ten-year period, between 2002 and 2012, it was estimated that Hispanic-owned businesses grew approximately 45 percent. This growth led to a great deal of sustainability and stability during the 2008 recession for the national, and some state, economies. 

Potential for Maximizing Profits 

According to a study done by Stanford University, more than half of the Hispanic-owned businesses in the US are in the top five industries when measured for sales growth. In areas with a high Hispanic population, it was determined that 75% of Hispanic-owned businesses served their communities and a wider demographic that lives outside of them. 

Resources and Information 

Identifying which Hispanic-owned businesses are thriving and what locations might be favorable to invest in is easier than you may think. Each year, the Latino Franchise Symposium gauges the Hispanic-owned business world and provides information on the most promising opportunities. 

Small and Intimate 

Market research has shown that many consumers prefer to support smaller businesses, including Hispanic-owned businesses, because of the positive impact on their local communities, especially if they offer alternatives to larger corporations that have dominated the business landscape for years. Getting involved in a smaller business can be more enjoyable, fulfilling, and easier to operate. 

Your Opportunity Awaits…

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