Why Do People Become Franchise Brokers

Posted by FranSave on February 13, 2023

As we continue to return to normalcy in a post-pandemic world, many individuals have turned to the world of franchising as a means of seizing new opportunities. In fact, during the pandemic, it was reported that many who were planning on becoming franchisees instead opted to become franchise brokers. Whether it’s the rewarding experience of helping others or the excitement of being your own boss, franchise brokering is an exciting, entrepreneurial career path that is worth considering. 

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Surpassing Expectations 

Why do some people take the path toward franchise brokering vs franchising? Some say that they had a disastrous experience when they met with a franchise broker in the past. Perhaps the broker was poorly trained or didn’t know how to present franchise opportunities and the candidate walked away from that experience thinking, “I could do a much better job than they did.” If you have had a similar experience you are not alone. This is a key reason many would-be candidates have opted to become franchise brokers. 

Putting Your People Skills to Work 

Being a franchise broker means listening to candidates (your clients) closely, understanding what it is they want to achieve and then presenting them with several franchise options that meet their goals. This means recognizing the experience, skills, and qualities of the candidates you do business with and matching them to an opportunity in which they can be successful. 

Being Independent 

If there’s one thing that many people in the working world wish to attain, it’s the opportunity to become their own boss. This itself can be a difficult task that requires quite a bit of work. As a franchise broker, your hard work will pay for itself over time as you amass a portfolio of franchises you know intimately, build relationships with franchisors and represent their brands with confidence. As you begin to place candidates and see deals come to fruition, you are building a network of satisfied customers who can then also become referral partners. It’s the perfect chance to take the wheel and steer yourself on the fast track to success. 

Chances for Growth and Development 

The franchising world tends to be quite competitive. But it’s also one that presents many different chances to evolve and perfect your skills and hone your craft. By becoming a franchise broker, you can develop new skill sets and gain intimate knowledge of the marketplace to not only help others succeed but seize new opportunities for your own future as well. 

Your opportunity Awaits…

At FranSave, we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you want to find the franchise of your dreams or become a franchise broker and help others find the franchise of their dreams, we will help you seize the opportunity of a lifetime. Visit us at fransave.com.

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