Why Should I Franchise?

Posted by digiadmin on February 23, 2022

We cover a wide diversity of franchising topics from every angle (franchisee, franchisor, franchise consultant, etc.) at FranSave. Sometimes, it’s important to stand back and assess the very general question you may have as a potential franchisee: Why Should I Franchise?

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There are several ways to approach that question, and FranSave wants to remind you of the many lucrative purposes of franchising.

Why Should I Franchise?

We must begin to answer this question by clarifying what a franchise is versus what it is not. There are some misconceptions.

Franchises are business systems involving a proven business model (the franchisor) seeking to expand its reach by establishing smaller iterations of itself into diverse markets (franchisees). The franchisee pays to enter into a business partnership as an operational unit while benefiting from the franchisor’s resources, training, and a general “blueprint” for how to manage things because it has proven to be successful.

This is NOT the same as reinventing the wheel for a larger company. This is, in a sense, the real advantage of franchising. If one of your dreams is to own your own business, you hit the ground running as a franchisee of an established brand versus going totally alone as a sole proprietor. While the franchise agreement requires franchisees to follow the operations model (that is after all what you are buying), the success of your franchise starts and ends with you — whether it is the hiring decisions you make, the consistent effort you put into your business, how you leverage (or don’t) the franchisor’s marketing resources, or your ability to build and sustain relationships with partners and customers in your community.

What are some other advantages?

  • Franchise businesses have much lower turnover rates than traditional businesses.
  • Franchisees begin a business with immediate brand recognition.
  • It’s by far the dominant business paradigm for anybody seeking to run a successful restaurant.
  • Lenders offer franchise startup loans with business credit cards even to those with less than stellar credit scores.
  • Your franchisor has an incentive to see you succeed. Otherwise, they do not profit. Many franchisors have sophisticated franchise development services that may include ongoing, required training; marketing tools that generate business leads; virtual and on-site visits to ensure the new franchisee is on the right track; and even a ‘go to’ person at the franchisor for any questions or concerns the franchisee may have.

How FranSave Helps You Franchise

It’s vital to remember, however, that few of these advantages will materialize unless you match yourself with a GOOD franchise business.

That’s where FranSave excels because we dedicate lots of effort into sifting through untold thousands of possible franchisors so that you don’t have to find one yourself. Yes, you could discover a great partnership alone, but it can be like locating a needle in a haystack. The quality of franchise companies varies tremendously, and you may not be able to tell the difference as a fledgling business owner.

Also, the same is true for FranSave consultants as it is for franchisors. We don’t earn anything until you secure a profitable relationship with a franchisor.

The primary mission for FranSave is to help aspiring entrepreneurs franchise a business. If running a successful business in a franchise system sounds like a dream to you, then give us a call at 844-476-7776 to help find you the best possible franchise company.

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